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South Coast - Brighton surf

Brighton winter 1975, first shot , Dave Brown With a John Conway board.

2nd shot Nigel with creamed honey rocket fish, Martin in background also with creamed honey rocket fish

Last 2 - Brighton Shore Break!

Steve James with his 6'10" lightning Bolt

2nd shot Tris Fish

Skateboarding in Brighton    
1st shot Steve James

2nd shot Dave James

3rd Shot Tim Mellors aged 16

4th shot Ernie

1st shot Martin

2nd shot Dave

Surfing Brighton in the 70's

This is surf at the east arm of the marina 1975. The year it was first ridden by just a handful of locals, some from Palace Pier and like myself some from West Pier. They had only built the two arms and had started on the main basin, hence the cranes!!

Great stuff sent in by Steve

Steve James pictured right surfing his 5' 7" Twin Fin Fish in Brighton mid 1970's.

See the Twin Fin Fish Steve makes today by clicking here.

To see Brighton in the 80's Click here More Retro Surf pics here
The Hot Pipe dropping off after some nice waves as you can see there was not much left when I turned up but was told it had been sweet about 2 hours before!!

Photos taken  July 10th 07 by Mark

Nov 1st 2010

Nice little wave at the hot pipe

Sent in by Lurgs

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Keep your Brighton surf photos coming, send in some other spots working.
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