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Croyde Bay Surf Report, Webcam and Gallery.

This page will help to give you some Idea of what the surf is doing to build up a better picture before you go!



Croyde bay North Devon Webcam

View Webcam at Croyde Here


This is round about the 27th December some years ago.
Croyde was empty, no one in the village either, not a soul around.

I took a couple of photos of the break and suited up to go in, a friend took some of me going out. One of the photos you can see me just getting in.

I remember this was the coldest I have ever surfed, the rock pools had a good layer of ice on them, but it was so worth it. I had a perfect (except the 6c water temp) waves, beautiful sets, no mess and all to my shivering self.

I guess the waves were around four foot with the odd bigger set sneaking in.
The sets would break almost in the same place everytime, the bigger sets broke further out, but as there was no mess, prediciting the bigger sets way out the back gave me time to possition.

Thank heavens for titanium wetsuits and clean sets.

Keep the site going, always good to see Croyde from the view of others.

 Above text and pics of Croyde bay sent in by Steve

(Now in warmer Sydney Australia)

Brighton crew outside, Tiki shop in Braunton, and Croyde bay looking sweet October 1975

Photos from Steve James

14th & 15th June 09

First 2 pics above are croyde from the road then right and below is Putsbrough

Sent in by Louie