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Surfing in Lanzorote
This first shot is looking down on to Playa de Famera, this is the only beach break on the island. There can be quite strong rips so surf in the middle the wind here is usually onshore and sandblasts your ankles as you walk down the beach but the swell will give you great sections. A good atmosphere and a great place for all levels of surfer and beginners have a choice of a couple of surf schools. If you need to hire a board I can recommend Famera power surf shop where you can get a board for 5 Euros for about 3-4hrs.
La Santa

A bit further down the North Coast you will find this reef break called La Santa the atmosphere is a bit more aggressive but a cool place!

To the right of the bay there is a sweet right off the rocks as you can see. Most surfers here seem to own a big dog to guard their car or camper.

La Santa

These photos are of the middle of the bay where you will see a larger wave in a perfect "A" frame the left goes on forever at times and then as the water surges in to the bay it reforms and gives a nice left hand longboarding wave!

Photos by Mark