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Below are some of the surfboards we have sold If you want something different your at the right place! Click boards to see more photos, 70s shapes, retro eggs, carpets, simmons, stingers etc
Funboard Surfboards
6'6" x 22" x 3" this board is available now from Mellowwave 6'6" x 22" x 3" Contact Mellowwave to buy this board Yellow Single Fin Mellow carpet pictured at Bracklesham Bay "Lipstick Candy Mellow Carpet" 7' 6"  Smoking Carpet
An example of an egg with sanded finish. This one has been waxed up and tested, the photo doesn't do it any justice , these boards are great fun! 6'10" Carpet 6'10" Mellow Carpet Pink railed Carpet Single fin melllow carpet
Egg Stinger Stinger
Stinger 70s single fin 70s single fin
70s single fin
ChocIce ChocIce 70s single fin
70s single fin 70s single fin ChocIce ChocIce

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