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MellowWave Shortboards

MellowWave ShortBoards

Our Shortboards range from 6' and go up to 6'8"

Short boards are the faster type of surfboards for pulling off big cut backs and airs good for shoulder high waves and bigger!

Not recommended for beginners as their not that easy to learn on although it is possible as I did but I was a lot younger then and didn't know what I know now!

 We are here to help with your ideas and questions,  if you need help deciding send an email for some friendly advice.

You really need to have a go on your mates boards or hire boards to get the feel for what you like.

Surfboard Delivery: Boards are pick up only sorry no postage at all due to boards getting damaged etc..

The prices for our Shortboards are as follows.

6'0" - 6'8" Your surfboard will come with a removable Euro fin system our price is just 460 with a sanded finish or add 25 for polished finish.  Colour per side is 15, Rail Colour 15, One colour all over 30

Choice of logos, The Oval logo is standard and is included in the price of the board, we also have the Hotrod logo for an extra 5 each

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