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Each day there are more people learning to surf but still the same amount of waves breaking, to make the sport safer for yourself and others take the time to read the following.
Always look inside - before you commit yourself to the wave ALWAYS look inside (toward the apex of the wave) to see if someone is already on or about to take off on the wave. If you don't you could be putting yourself and another rider in serious danger because you may cause a collision. Both you and your board will get hurt and so too will the other surfer.
Wave ownership - The person closest to the breaking part of the wave has the right of way. If someone is up and riding, paddling into the wave behind them does not give you the wave. In many low-key breaks, the first person paddling for the wave owns it. Do not expect this to apply in crowded conditions. A surfer taking off on one side of a peak does not have right of way over a surfer who has already caught or is riding the other shoulder. This means a surfer cannot cross under the peak to the opposite shoulder and expect right of way if it is already occupied.
Dropping in - 'Dropping in' is when you take off on a wave in front of someone else who is about to or is already up and riding and obstruct or interfere with their right of way. Don't do this. Ever. No exceptions.
Paddling out - When paddling out, if you must get over a wave that someone is riding, paddle behind them (on the white water side). This allows them to continue riding the wave without having to dodge you.
Attitude - If you are having a bad day then take your 'bad attitude' somewhere else. No one wins an argument, especially in the surf. Your and their day's surfing will be ruined. Surfing is supposed to be FUN and exhilarating not an unpleasant experience.
Accidents - Always apologise if you make a mistake. If you are involved in or near a collision then stop what you're doing and make sure that everyone is okay. Above all, keep a good attitude.