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Beach buggy central at the beach buggin vw show at southsea common 07
Some sweet metal flake paint work
old skool empi style!   With pic 3 looking into the future!!
UK Dune buggy GP style
This orange beach buggy just looks right.
1&2 I think is a Manta ray buggy, no idea what the other is.
Some great looking beach buggies and some not so good ones. Baja bug
Split screen panel van low with loads of rust, I like it. This split screen crew cab was nice and low with a narrowed front beam.
Splitty pick up, wagon of the day for me, well nice    
A couple of 70's bay window camper / surf buses  
This is a 1969 dodge a100 custom sportsman I've just had painted in cool blue and diamond white (06 ford colours) Its got an inline 5.2 v8 that runs mainly on lpg (for obvious reasons)

(Nice surf van, keep em coming)

Dean & Dans Splitty's (Well nice)

Spot the sheep!

A couple of pics from Rob, he's been out spotting cool trucks..  
These photos are of my surfmobile, the renault was painted by an English artist from Newquay ,call Amy Smith ,now the car was stopped, "too rusty" ,and my 1964 split window is sleeping after being my house for 5 years near the ocean in Biarritz, "too rusty"

Having these pics on this site is a way to say thank you to all people who smile and say hello on the road to make my life happy i dont know if its easy to understand my Engish but i hope u like the photos.

I think that sums up the feeling of driving something different, nice one, sent in By Regis

Custom Bug at Bracklesham  

Hearse Surf Wagon.

Sent in by Mark (south coast uk)

More in surf history

A custom Citron 2cv Woody from the Netherlands.
Also, the building process here (in English, don't worry).
Sunny greetings from the Netherlands.


Mark from the Netherlands sent in pics of his 56 ford country sedan  
Bay Window    
Defender surf wagon built by ECR in the USA    
kustombart update on the Tiki Wagon!  
Brighton Local Chas, sent in this sweet pic of his 57 split screen.

This split is a daily runner and can regularly be seen out and about when the surf is up in Brighton

These buggys are bugways, the one in the picture is from the dealer himself in Brazil

Sent in by Kurt who has 4 of them!


Here's my surf wagons from Downunder.

 Cheers, Brendan. 



Russell and Lees vans at the beach!


Russell's sweet 50's plated buggy
Johns Wagon,

1968 bmc Morris ambulance called "the happy wanderer" not so happy at the mo,

engine blow on way back from Gower , Wales so she's been sitting in my garden for 4 years awaiting a new engine. this could be the year for a come back.!
Cool Chevy, in Bude sent in by Steve  
1940 Humber woodie

Sent in by Colin


Surf wagon - 1968 Dodge A100. 

Sent in by Terry who has owned it since 1993 and its still going strong.
Sweet sweet 1928 Model A

Would love to know what the old surfboard is!

Sent in by Mikey

Sam's Lovely 63 Beetle

With American spec Bumpers ready for a surf trip!

Sergio's Funky Beach Buggy
It has a 2165cc motor and does 0-60 in 6 seconds!
That should get you to the surf quickly!!

Hoodies and T's

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