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1959 Chevrolet Apache pick up
Click pic for more photos of the MellowWave surf wagon!
BEACH BUGGY. Probably the most dangerous car I have ever owned but with out a doubt the most fun, owned just at the right age before you relies how important a driving license is, this buggy spent more time going sideways than in a straight line it was great, it had a 1600cc Fastback engine with twin carbs so it went ok. Alright for a surf wagon but more for fun I would recommend you get one today! buggy1.jpg (76662 bytes)
1967 BUG This is a 1967 VW Beetle which had sat in a garage in London for 10 years I bought it in 1995 and after nearly a year of hard work this was the result.. It had a standed 1500cc engine which went quite well, it did many trips to Newquay & North Devon and never had too many problems. Not the cheapest car to run but looked cool in it's time (well I thought so)Bit low for most beach car parks!!" beetle1.jpg (76009 bytes) beetle2.jpg (72737 bytes)
1965 SPLITTY This is my old camper, it's a 1965 splitty which I restored and lowered, about a years work! It was the perfect surf wagon but a bit expensive on fuel, but great with the safari windows and original interior. It was rare for me to get to the beach and back without some sort of problem but seemed worth it at the time as it was all good fun.

Pictured at Bude and Woolacombe.

mark1.gif (314414 bytes) mark2.gif (255576 bytes)
Woody. The ultimate in surf wagons...I think you will agree a great example, I took these in 2002 outside "Thalia Street surf shop" California. woody3.jpg (87842 bytes) woody4.jpg (89838 bytes)
1948 WOODY The car is a 1948 Ford Super Deluxe Woody, which
originally started life as a police car in Portugal (originally blue) It still has its working police siren. The policeman that drove it bought it on retirement and kept it till the late 70's. It then passed on to an artist who lived in Sweden who drove it from Portugal all the way home! He then re- painted it and much later on sold it to a London dealer whom we bought it from in 2001. The car is still used on a regular basis.......
car.jpg (39483 bytes) diner[1].gif (4844 bytes)
1963 Volkswagen Transporter Pick Up From California, Newport Beach, A beautifully restored California truck that is absolutely dry as a bone and 100% rust free, this is one neat piece. A factory single cab with the split windshield, sliding side door glass, and pick up bed with fold down sides and plenty of storage compartments, this is truly a Sport Utility Vehicle! Fully detailed throughout, including the underside and the engine compartment, this Transporter is as close to new as you will find. Outfitted by its previous owner with a Bamboo canopy, vintage surf board, water skis, fishing poles and nets, and other "retro" touches.

These Pictures of the 1963 Pickup and information are provided by Colin Comer of Classic Autos, Check out his site for other great cars

pickup2.jpg (28060 bytes) pickup1.jpg (33918 bytes)
Picture taken by Debs in the summer at the Goodwood Festival of speed 2003. 2woody30.jpg (122353 bytes)
Splitscreen samba Another Pic from Debs in the beach wagon section at Goodwood 2003. Nice low splitty with Porsche Fuch Wheels and American spec bumpers.. 2goodsplit.jpg (142302 bytes)  
Check out these woodies, all great examples I think.

VW Beetle Woody, 1948 Woody

3036[1].jpg (94164 bytes) 48wood1[1].jpg (33999 bytes)
1951 Ford Woody 51ford_chase[1].jpg (48330 bytes)  
VW Woody, designedby me in 1968. I then started a company to manufacture them in '75, built 26 of them from '75-'77. This is #26, which was restored in Brazil in 2002. I did all the work including the paint and upholstery. 1944cc HOT motor.
More (lots more!) info at: and     Sent in by Paul:
done1sm.jpg (113850 bytes)  
This is a replica black porsche 356 speedster built by Chesil, my dream car! speedster1.jpg (180869 bytes) speedster2.JPG (197809 bytes)
Some great examples of cool surf wagons all in the UK, sent in by Pete from the "BigChill" vw vans and even a morris minor infront of the power station Shoreham by sea VansAtJossCirca94.jpg (45045 bytes) mogy_hove.jpg (120558 bytes)
baja Bug.jpg (75202 bytes) KarmenGhia1.jpg (45223 bytes) bay window van.jpg (53855 bytes)
BAY WINDOW PICKUP (1974) dan1.jpg (36645 bytes) dan5.jpg (95952 bytes)
I brought the van off Ebay from a guy in Stoke-on-Trent so I had to arrange suitable transport to tow the beast back.
To accompany me on the trip were my two mates max and chis.The van turned out to be much worse than the guy described. In the end I payed 550. I have to admit though as soon as I saw the heap of rust, I fell in love with it! I brought the van mid Summer and me and my mate Max started work on it in September. The welding and bodywork has now been completed. Its even been resprayed to its original Volkswagen orange. 
All thats remains now is the mechanical side of things, So you could say I'm half way there! It should be legally on the road in January, you cant miss it its bright orange!       Daniel Satchell, Brighton
dan7.jpg (60637 bytes) dan6.jpg (94607 bytes)
  dan2.jpg (149875 bytes) dan3.jpg (114706 bytes)
Lovely little 1966 VW beetle in Oz all styled up with the boards on the roof. Sent in by Pete pbug1.jpg (87240 bytes) pbug2.jpg (79606 bytes)
1966 VW Splitscreen Camper, 13 Window Deluxe. Pip's 66 13 window delux is a sweet surf wagon from Newquay. split1.jpg (125699 bytes) split2.jpg (106954 bytes)
Pete's Toyota 4runner (like a hilux surf)   Nice 4x4 for a surf trip in Oz pete4x4_1.jpg (35280 bytes) pete4x4_2.jpg (35980 bytes)
This 1950 Ford Truck is my kind of surf wagon.   Sent in by Rob truck1.jpg (54419 bytes) truck2.jpg (25608 bytes)
1964 Split Screen Panel Van
A very sweet 1964 splitty panel van sent in by Dean.

I've seen this van for my self and I reckon it's one of the nicest panel vans in the country!

splitty.jpg (58536 bytes) splitty1.jpg (36473 bytes)
Sweet Ford - Sent in from the USA this quality Ford Surf Wagon.  
A custom woodie!  
The little yellow woody wagon appears to a custom 1966 to 1968 Datsun 510. (Notice the plate "DATSURF")
Custom because I'm not sure about the 2-door configuration.  I know they made a 4-door (or should I say 5-door?!)

Info thanks to Alan

vw squareback woodie!!  
Land Rover at Bracklesham Bay

I've had this pic for about a year...just found it again!


1968 Bay Window An amazing looking 1968 bay Window often seen at Bracklesham although these pics taken at hayling Island.

Send in by Louis

VW BUGS A nice cal looker and a wood veneer beetle!!!!

Sent in by Pete

US Style I bought the car two years ago and drove it around for 18 months, the engine was tired and Smokey , then during the winter i decided to pull it off the road and pull the motor and transmission, the transmission i sent off to Alders in Hailsham to rebuild and the motor is my speciality, the problem was the engine was only produced for  one year in 1957 so i had a hell of a job sourcing new parts like pistons etc , but after a lot of searching i managed to get everything i needed to rebuild the engine , and that includes a visit to the machine shop for a rebore and crank grind and cam bearings fitted, it took 3 months to do all this , then i got the engine and box back in the motor and started on the car its self , i lowered it by 2" tinted the windows out , done the graphics my self , all new white wall  tyres, good sound system with loads of rockin music to pump out , she drove to Cornwall on the 29th of  June and didn't miss a beat , ive got the fuel system sorted and drove there and back on a 110, not bad for a 6 litre V8

Sent in by Rob.

1946 Pontiac owned by Tom Templeton.

Photographed at Morro Bay, California. Photos copyright of
Last Wave Originals (


Hoodies and T's

A great surf wagon sent in by Matt from
Chevy Truck pictured at the 2006 beach buggin show at southsea

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