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South Coast Surf gallery 2004.

Pics 1& 2 are from a Sunday afternoon in early January 04, beautiful clean lines and a great session was had. Not much swell was expected, but a mate and
I went down just to check anyway, and we were pleasantly surprised! The quality of these pics is not great as they are still frames from my video camera, I only filmed about 30 seconds as I couldn't wait to get in! Pic 3 is a Saturday morning in January, not a breathe of wind and a nice small wave.

These pics were taken and sent in by Nick.

Brac pic 1.JPG (206788 bytes)
Brac pic 2.JPG (64605 bytes) Brac pic 3.jpg (97162 bytes)
2-3ft at Bracklesham not a bad day, the surfer is Andy making the most of it at high tide... Pics taken by Lucy. 22.03.04.jpg (107915 bytes)
  22.03.042.jpg (114174 bytes)
19/08/04 Bracklesham pics by Pete Smith brac1.jpg (58817 bytes)
  brac2.jpg (45797 bytes)
OUT THE BACK BORIS {local fisherman} east wittering shore road 2004