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South Coast gallery 2005.

October 05, sent in by Louis
This is Luke getting some nice rides at Wittering 22nd October 2005 . surf 022.jpg (75306 bytes)
  surf 020.jpg (75389 bytes)
Easter weekend April 2005,
witterings was pumping! Here's some pics sent in by Dan who can be seen on the body board as he was between surfboards and as he rightly say's "If its a wave, ride it with anything you can"
img0212.jpg (71447 bytes)
img0215.jpg (70451 bytes) img0218.jpg (86643 bytes)
img0233.jpg (37575 bytes) img0228.jpg (76639 bytes)
More bodyboarding here
Friday 25th March, I had these waves to myself although plenty of people got in and shared this classic day!! 2503m1.jpg (72143 bytes)
2503m2.jpg (90003 bytes) 2503m3.jpg (92280 bytes)
This shot was sent in by Paul Turrell, This is him at Bracklesham Bay 25.03.05 The early birds got the worm this day. Classic day with the fog around, great! Beach 008a.jpg (33364 bytes)
18.03.05 A couple of pics not really doing the day justice sorry to those at work but it was sweet! 1Bracklesham18.JPG (95257 bytes)
  3Bracklesham 18.JPG (76832 bytes)
13.01.05 This swell picked up with some good 3ft waves in the set, a sunny day too!  Pics by Mark 13.01.2005.JPG (80628 bytes)
12.01.05 Cold and blown out this morning not a surfer in sight! Pics by Mark. Kayak_120105.JPG (110272 bytes)
windsurf_120105.JPG (53459 bytes) Coldjan12.JPG (115233 bytes)
cold2.jpg (116479 bytes)