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South Coast gallery Wittering 2007.

March 02 2007

Got in at Bracklesham about 07:00 1-2ft clean, it got bigger and cleaner some sets were over head glass! Well nice. The size dropped off again as the tide got too high but it was still working at East Wittering sets were a little slower and was now clean rather than glassy but still some sweet waves...

This was one of those good sessions.

Wednesday 7th March good size surf again at East Wittering and the sun was shinning.

Sent in by Rob the tree surgeon.

7th March

Waves got bigger than last Friday , but were nowhere near as nice .  stayed in too long to get any real good pics.

Sent in by Louis

Thursday 8th March

As you can see there is still some great surf pushing through.

Sent in by Louis, who was one of the lucky people that got to surf on this sweet day!


Nearly forgot this shot!!!
A few more shots of this classic day from Rob
12th March swell dropping off after yet another  nice session.
Tuesday March 13th

I got in at 9:30 in small 1ft clean surf, Louis pulled up and got some pics! Nice one mate. It seemed to be at it's best dead on low tide which has only happened to me once before!

Turned out to be a 5 hour session with the surf going very glassy at times and the sun coming out to make the day even more perfect surf built to a solid 2ft wave with some 3ft waves in the sets.

A great day for longboarders.

April 2007
Junior Surf Training at East Wittering
Pics sent in by Rob
Very little surf to speak of through April/May a few good sessions but no pics...

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