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South Coast surf gallery Wittering April 2008.

If you find a photo of yourself on the site and would like the full resolution image just email us and we will send it to you if we can find it!
Friday 25th April some small swell pushing through quite a few in making the most of it.
A Small but fun wave Sunday 27th

Pics by Gill

"Delam" Dan
"Delam" Dan with.. is that Louis with short hair!
Steve & Ella paddling out
A couple more from Sunday 27th

Sent in by Paddy

Wednesday 30th at Bracklesham, What a day I took these pics just before getting in it just looked ok, then it got better and better with nice size swell and the chop turning glassy for most of the session! 3hrs later the wind went onshore and was quite strong which messed it up totally but still some big sections to surf...
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