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South Coast surf gallery Wittering 2008.

If you find a photo of yourself on the site and would like the full resolution image just email us and we will send it to you if we can find it!

July 08

2nd July a fun 1ft wave but then dropped off as the tide went out just glad of anything at this time of year

Photos by Mark

July 9th British summer time!

Well there has been plenty of surf over the past few days it looked messy as hell from the beach but once we got out there it was sweet, here's Louis making the most of it there had been bigger sets but I wasn't hanging around in the wind and rain for the pics..

July 10th

10:30am small chop but still just about rideable!

July 28th

My son aged 3 (just) Not he's first wave as he got in at Woolacombe a couple of months ago he's first experience he described as "freezing" now it's quite warm and I think he's face sums up what it's all about.

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