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South Coast surf gallery Wittering March 2008.

If you find a photo of yourself on the site and would like the full resolution image just email us and we will send it to you if we can find it!
A good fun wave to start off the month it didn't look too inviting but turned out to be a great session

The guys in the last two pics were testing their new home made boards after 3 months of careful planning, they seem to be working fine.

(Sneaky Sunday)

Sunday 16th at Bracklesham

Some lovely little waves turned up out of the blue.. well the browny green!

Pics by Louis and a special thanks to Jill for breaking the good news to me!!!

Good Friday!!

March 21st a cold day didn't look too good until a storm came past ended up getting some lovely waves.

Pics by Louis

Thursday 27th some small fun waves in the sun!

Pics by Dale and Mark

Louis Louis
Sunday 30th March a  good swell, wind dropped off, it lined up and plenty got in and enjoyed it.. Nice!

Pics by Mark, and a couple by Dan.

Paddle boarder Drop in
Paddle boarding backwards with style
Monday 31st March a great surf much better than it looks in the pics just a few out. Stoked!

Pics by Mark

A couple also from the 31st at East Wittering

Pics by Rob the tree surgeon.

Still Monday the 31st these photos really sum up what I was trying to say above what a classic day for Wittering!

Pics sent in by John

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