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South Coast surf Witterings October 2009.

If you find a photo of yourself on the site and would like the full resolution image just email us and we will send it to you if we can find it!
The Retro Board Challenge photos from the 10th at East Wittering click banner to read more.
Sunday the 4th small but the best we have had for a while!! Photos by Louie from a mobile!
A couple more photos from the 4th sent in by Dave
Wednesday 7th

Finally some clean surf this is in the morning as it was building towards high tide

Photos sent in by Dave 

Late afternoon as the tide was dropping but so was the swell!!

Photos sent in by John

This is a shot of the sand banks at West Wittering, taken from Bracklesham!!

Below-getting dark with another heavy rain storm coming over.

Photos by Mark

Tuesday 13th nice little swell pushing through

Photos sent in by John

20th Although it doesn't look much we had shoulder high sets nice rides on fairly clean sections with the paddleout of all paddleouts!
Wednesday 21st This was as the tide was just backing off the stones around 4pm and left us with a fun little wave that dropped off as the tide went out!
More photos from the evening session at Bracklesham sent in by John
Monday 26th

Nice clean swell pushing through with the sun making it warm!

Photos by Mark

Tuesday 27th Well well what a day! lovely sections and even cleaned up nicely at times.

Photos by Mark

Another one from the 27th

sent in by Winston

28th First light clean swell at Bracklesham

Sent in by Louie

More from the 28th inc a couple of shots from the water below

Photos by Mark

29th still some nice lines coming in.

sent in by John

31st yet another good day

Sent in by Stuart

A couple more from the 31st

Sent in by Dave

If you have any photos you would like to share email us..
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