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Mexico near Gwithian

Sent in by Rob

Heres a  picture  that will not show just how big it was at Mexico near gwithian early morning off shore 30 /sept/ 06 ,it is taken at the top of the large hill which takes the size away, we went in and the sets were unbelievable , but just when you start to have fun a double over head would come along and push you into the sand beneath the waves, we estimated the hight from top to bottom at least twelve feet, ive never surfed bigger this was the hurricane swell i think, .Rob.
Little Fistral & North Fistral September 06

Sent in By louis

A couple more from Louis, the first one is at Watergate Bay and the far right is an old one taken at Widemouth Bay which I think catches a moment!
Gwithian late January 2006,

Sent in by Rob


Great shot sent in by Adam from it is of the Cribber in Newquay, Cornwall. who says there are no waves in the UK!         Cribber Big Wave Uk
Some sweet shots of Saunton Sands going off October 14th & 15th 2005, sent in by Chris
October 7th 2001 Woolacombe main beach going off..Their would have been more but it hammered down with rain just after I took these. Woolacombe going off
Woolacombe going off
Boscombe Pier,19/08/04 Boscombe Pier
Boscombe Pier
Surfing the severn bore 2002

Mike & Chris surfed the severn bore 2002 at Easter. The photos were taken from a point where the river is quite wide, called Newnam. There was a record high tide due to very High rainfall that year, much the same as this year.You can see how crowded it can be even in the worst of conditions- everyone makes space for you in the end though!

Sent in by Mike & Chris.

Surfing the severn bore
Surfing the severn bore