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Wittering Surf Shop retro board challenge 2005.


A couple of pics from the Wittering Surf Shop retro board challenge. Everyone is agreed the best fun a surf contest has ever been . Congrats to Luke for winning.

Sent in By Ian

witcomp1.jpg (80514 bytes)
witcomp2.jpg (82799 bytes)
The next pics are from the guys at the Wittering Surf Shop
A nice collection of boards, great that they all got used in the launch of the Wittering surf Club. surfboards from 60's 70's and 80's
comp12.jpg (204793 bytes)
Rob's 1950 Truck (very cool) more pics in Surf Wagons 1950 Ford Truck
comp3.jpg (126274 bytes)
comp5.jpg (95445 bytes) comp4.jpg (105698 bytes)
comp6.jpg (145895 bytes) comp7.jpg (151319 bytes)
comp8.jpg (93425 bytes) comp9.jpg (121405 bytes)
comp10.jpg (115113 bytes) comp11.jpg (357823 bytes)
comp17.jpg (180707 bytes) comp14.jpg (235918 bytes)
comp15.jpg (155913 bytes) DSCF07471.JPG (41292 bytes)
comp18.jpg (179480 bytes) comp19.jpg (93717 bytes)
Surfing Hippys! dscf0775.jpg (54743 bytes)
Not a morden board in sight.... "Great" off to do a bank job?
A few more pics to round off the day, sent in by Rob. beach 036.jpg (51052 bytes)
1950 Truck beach 041.jpg (61084 bytes)
beach 048.jpg (54272 bytes) beach 050.jpg (48511 bytes)
beach 049.jpg (57367 bytes)
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