The MellowWave Black Betty

Available for custom order all done with paint!!
See the gallery for other colours etc...

Hi Mark,

What a brilliant day,  From the moment I saw my Black Betty that was it!   I couldn't stop touching her! 
Steve is a genius,  he has definitely got a supernatural flair for his craft.
I ended up at Widemouth beach and it was messy!  Lots of white water crashing in but that did not stop Betty,  she picked up early and glided, I was up on the first wave and I felt stable for the first time I felt That I could control this lovely board and after a couple hours I managed to get more confident and turn her in the water and this coming from a chap who's not surfed that much at all! 
I absolutely love the board and I can not wait to see how she fairs in good clean waves.

Thanks again Mark and a big thank you to Steve,  I must buy you guys a pint or two.