MellowWave Longboard

Black n blue, custom fins!

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Hey Mark and Steve

I just had an awesome ride in whitsandsbay and therefore really want to say thanks for this awesome light 9.4 longboard. Its just mental.  I'm not that good in surfing, but I managed to easily ride the board. It slices through the water and feels very manoeuvrable.  The light weight and the seize makes the rides really beautiful. I'm really amazed about the speed and the smoothness of cutting through the surf. Its an amazing board and I can really suggest anyone to go for an Mellowwave board! The time and effort that Steve puts in to it, the craftsmanship makes it the best board I have ever experienced! This board is going to explore Cornwall and some other Nice surf spots on our globe :) Thanks for all the work to the both of you and see you out on the water!