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Retro Quad fish, red rails yellow deck

Hi Mark,   Just wanted to drop you some feedback on my board!!

Iím completely in love with my new board!! Steve was great when I met him to collect my board and talked me through the shape of it and how heíd made it to help my surfing. Moving from a mini-mal to a fish was daunting as I was going quite a lot smaller but Steve pointed out all the new features on my board that should help me progress.

I was lucky enough to get some good waves at Putsborough the day after, it paddled like a dream and I was out back before I knew it. I picked my first wave and paddled in, as I dropped in it glided down the wave and flew at some speed. My fears of not being able to get on to a wave on my new board were gone, I canít believe how nice it feels. Iím so happy with my board and canít wait to get back in the water this weekend!!

Thank you so much for your help when selecting my new board, it felt like catching my first wave all over again. Iím almost looking forward to getting good enough to get another one, ha!!

Please pass on my thanks to Steve as well, he was amazing at showing us around the shop and telling us how he makes the board and the fins, he was great!!


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