Hi guys well headed straight for nearest beach ie Bude! Paddled out in what looked liked 1 foot from the car park. The first sets came at me of 3 ft+!! the board duck dived better than i thought it would for the size of wave. The board paddled well between the sets with good speed. I got out the back with relative ease, caught a mixture of good sized waves across the beach to test out in all conditions. The board has a real early take off feel just like a longboard, but with a looser feel. (weird). Bottom turns like a tea tray, and heads back up to the lip with supernatural speed. to the distress of local surfers..) Its very responsive and down the face its perfect, very fast and almost skips over the waters surface. Very pleased with the overall results just, looking forward to some more sessions to nail it. Paint job is spot on and a good finish, love the yellow fins. right on Mark and Steve top job..