"A Board To Share"

Mini Simmons Surfboard, Dimensions are: 5-10 x 22 x 2- 5/8. single concave in tail fading up to 1/3 of board, rolled nose entry 2 x 4 3/4ins depth and 10ins base twin keel fins.

"A Board To Share" this means everyone can have a go and enjoy part of the journey this board will make it's all about having a laugh and trying new things! Join us on Facebook to keep up with where this board is and get some of the riders thoughts!! I will be adding photos of as many of the people who ride this as possible to the album..

Steve was stoked to have tested the Simmons surfboard in 2-3ft clean in Bude!

So this is a pic of the first rider with the Simmons board now let its story begin!


 Message from Steve the shaper, It was a real joy to shape this board, taken from a mini mal blank, retro fish one was not wide enough in the tail!!!. low slight rocker to keep speed, slight roll in nose, and large area concave scoop in tail.
The concave in tail reduced the volume in rear of board, but still nice and floaty around hip area glassed wood fins play a big part in the performance of this board, with the wide tail and twin keel fins. It looks right with decent sized puppies glassed on it.
Mango yellow and orange resin tint, to keep looking fresh and clean.
When I rode this ,reminded me of a 5 / 7 fish i had in the early 70s. have not ridden anything this short in years. found it easier to just pop into the wave, and a couple of paddle strokes, rather than paddle early just feels smooth and controlled when ridden.

Enjoy Steve..



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