MellowWave Surfboards
Retro Stinger surfboard.   A trip or maybe a flashback to the 70's with this retro single fin
Steve, the board was flying today. i surfed the left off the rock, but couldn't get it to turn- i swapped fins to that little clear boomerang and slid it right to the back, then it was off! I had visions of terry Fitzgerald going through my head on some of the rights i was getting- just need to grow the hair a bit bigger...will try the Greenough fin next time...

A note about Stinger Surfboards from Steve James

I remember early to mid 70s, surfer magazine doing a feature on Ben Aipa and a surfboard design called the stinger!

Other surfers Mark Liddle and buttons ect, were all riding these designs.
These shapes were two boards into one, front part of board had more curve to the plan shape as in a short board. The back was more straightened behind the sting as in a fast down the line board. The boards turned with ease, more like a board much shorter than they actually were due to the sting a third of the way up from the tail which creates a pivot or break away point for rail water flow.
a couple of mates of mine took a trip to Braunton and came back with these boards they were Creamed Honey, shaped by Kevin Cross, and sometime travelling surfer shaper Dick Harvey.

These boards looked and went great as in a true 70s design. Float and volume was under the chest area for ease of paddling and wave catching.

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