Mellow Carpet with Mexican blanket resin tint!

Hi mark....
The new board looks fantastic...many thanks for organising everything, and much praise to steve for his skill and craftsmanship in creating something specific to me. (don't think you'll get this from gsi and china!). Steve obviously loves what he does and has bundles of enthusiam for all things surfboard.

Went down crack of sparrows thursday morning, surfed widemouth (must be better places than this, have not surfed the bude area much for years) before calling in on steve to collect the new carpet. At least the swell was showing, all week it had looked like it was getting weaker and weaker. Not forgetting it was wall to wall sunshine. Was thinking of going south but thought i'd stick with n.devon so wiggled my way up to putsbrough for the evening push and to kip in the bus.
The first sesh with a new board is always interesting, thought it would paddle in easier than it was but that  I think was more to do with what the wave was doing (ie backing off a bit). BUT once i'd caught a couple things started to come together.
Set the alarm for 5.10am friday morning to catch the morning push up to high tide (just me and one other guy sharing it)...its funny, without really knowing how this time it felt like i'd surfed the board 50x not just twice. Much more tuned in and i liked the way it was a load looser than I thought it was going to be. And suprisingly duckable (a bonus!).
Back to the van for breakfast and to wait for the tide to roll over for the drop. In again, and after an hour putsborough does its usual big drop off in off home at 11am ....pretty much shattered but a happy customer:-)