Retro style 70's single fin egg with orange resin tint rails

Hi Mark,  
Picked up the board last week so i thought i'd drop you a line and leave some feedback.  I can't believe how lucky i was to be there last weekend for the entirety of a big clean swell so i've had it out at five breaks from waist to head high, crumbling lines to grinding barrels.  Took me a while to get used to it but it flies, Great down the line speed, the pin tail and the single fin hold amazingly when it starts getting steep.  Amazing for smooth turns and trimming down the line, and you can duck dive, i love it!  You can really feel the changes in board design in the seventies as people pushed boards shorter and shorter, it rides like a longboard but in places i've only ever surfed a shortboard.  Awesome!
Steve's a gent, great to meet him and it's everything i hoped and asked for.  Just gutted it'll be flat for the next couple of weeks, thanks for everything guys, it's like learning to surf all over again.  Your definitely my first port of call for any new boards in the future.

Steve on his single fin, Pease bay Scotland November









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