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 "Longboard " 9' 6" Classic Red sides!


: )

The board works great

It's light easy to paddle

The volume is enough that I can get up without a perfect technique. So now I can work on my pop up learning from experience rather than getting thrown off lots by a board that isn't stable.

And it turns really easily

I'm confident now that I will be able to make progress in my surfing.

And it looks amazing.

I especially like the fact it's been signed by Steve and has my name on it also That's a great extra

We only did a couple of hours because the waves became choppy and from various directions.

Then got quite drunk and all in bed by 8pm We would have gone again this morning but one felt sick and didn't fancy the cold, one had a cold, and I didn't want to make everyone wait for me.

But I'll be going in the next couple of weeks to Woolacombe : )

Thanks for all the help and making a great board