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 "The Black Betty Longboard "    Cool Wedding present!                     So if your from Cornwall and your partners from Wales what would the flag for that be like!!!

Hi Steve and Mark ,

I picked my beautiful Black Betty up yesterday as a wedding gift from my fiancÚ and my god I was speechless ... THE most beautiful board I have ever seen. The design of a welsh dragon on a Cornish St Piran is awesome , representing my wife and I

I took the board to Summerhayes beach and it did not disappoint . It paddled so quickly in the water and with such speed that I was able to catch every wave I went for even the smaller ones ... Two to three and clean ... First wave up and away along a clean face and for the first time ever I was able to nose ride a board !

Steve is a genius shaper ... The rocker is perfect as are many other aspects such as the rails.

I carved easily and with speed and it surfed more like a mini mal ... Fast and cutting . Slow it down and it's a long board nose riding all the way ... Such a flexible ride . It's perfect .. Truly perfect .. Thanks guys. I will be buying another board for my quiver .

Nick and Emma

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