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 "The Green Betty Longboard " 

Well - we are back! As you know, the surf kinda ran away and hid from us most of the time we were there... that said, we did get one decent day and one not so good day. I can't say much about how well the board rode as a result, but I got much further in progress than I managed on the foamy! Lovely and stable to get on and paddle, and it was catching waves beautifully. I got up to my feet a few times for slightly longer than the fraction of a second once last year - so that is a win! Been having a look though, and Magic seaweed lists two beaches in Cumbria which are both between 30 and 45 minutes drive or so from here, so I will hopefully be able to get some time there if the conditions are right, and we aren't that far from the North East and Scotland (though may be moving to Scotland in the next year or so!). I will try and remember to update once I have actually found some waves! One thing I can say though - I had a load of fun messing about on the board, and have paddling and bobbing about down to a fine art! Cheers!

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