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 "Mint green sides Longboard "

Hi Mark, I tried the board out on Monday, Magic Seaweed said 3 stars...3ft 10 s, but it was just too windy and messy, so I couldn't test "minty' properly.
 Got used to the different balance and moving up the board a bit though.. Surprising how much 6" arf, arf, makes between my 2 boards. Compared to my 9' red stripe, its more portable, lighter, more manageable in the rough stuff, doesn't catch waves as well, but overall its looking to be a sportier and lighter board , which is what I was after for a 2nd board, which will be great for some of the bigger swells on the way!! But I love my 2 boards, Steve is the "man" simples. Have attached a few photos...and yes it is Flat Eric looking after ma boards..
Cheers, Seg
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