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MellowWave Longboard Orange/Yellow fade

Hi Mark
As promised here are some more considered thoughts on my board now that I have had it for a few weeks and surfed it twice at Saunton both times 2-3 foot swell but a bit messy and now once at small but glassy Bracklesham. Anyhow to cut to the chase the board does exactly what I discussed with you so it paddles easily, catches waves easily, turns easily and is fast, responsive and manoeuvrable which I guess is credit to you in terms of getting the dimensions and shape right and credit to Steve in turning that spec into a great board. I would also add that the overall finish of the board is excellent and the sunset fade deck that I asked for looks stunning. Therefore really pleased with the board that you and Steve have designed and created for me. There are two final points I would add. First is that the process from initial discussion with you of what I was looking for to creation of that board in Steve's shaping bay was very efficient and you responded promptly and with helpful feedback to the various questions I raised. The second point is that the price you and Steve charged seems like one of the best bargains I have ever had. Many thanks!