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South Coast gallery 1980's

Brighton, Palace Pier 1983-86

I surfed around  Brighton. area in 80's (marina, salty, "coal piers" etc ) altho' preferred west side of West Pier (why?.. well before the fire etc when it was in one piece there was good left off the  end ..occasionally ! )

1984Guess.jpg (72558 bytes)

Palace Pier Crew again  Brighton1983.jpg (79295 bytes)

Palace PierCrew Brighton83.jpg (84216 bytes) Palace Pier 86.jpg (46605 bytes)
To see Brighton in the 70's Click here
Kent, 1982-84

15mins from Yorks! 1982

15mins from home Yorks1982.jpg (58551 bytes)
Joss Bay 1986Joss hollow late iummer.jpg (54035 bytes) Gopher Club go to Oahu 1986Oahu 1986Gopher Club Travels.jpg (46522 bytes)
Jury's GapJury's Gap  -better later 2' longboardable.jpg (40863 bytes)
sdean 83 or 84 later.jpg (66910 bytes)
Viking Bay dredging! 80's
West Wittering 1985
The above pics of Brighton, Kent, and West Wittering were  sent in by Nick from Cool Classics.