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Glassing A MellowWave Surfboard
How a MellowWave surfboard is made continued, this page takes us through the glassing process. C

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Step 6

This page will take you from a shaped blank through to the finished surfboard.

(Right) Mellow "Smoking" Carpet,  shaped and painted.

Step 7

Ready for glassing, we use 6oz Hexcel cloth on all our boards.

Step 8

Deck and Hull just been glassed with decals added.

This stage leaves the surfboard with a tacky finish and a rough feel of the cloth.

Step 9

Deck Hot coated. The weave of the cloth has now been filled and the board now has a smooth waxy feel to it.

Step 10

The hotcoat is now sanded to get rid of any imperfections and keep the shape of the surfboard.

Step 11

The holes for the fin box and plugs are now made ready for them to be glassed in.

Step 12

Pin line added and deck glossed

Step 13

Hull glossed with resin tint.

Step 14

Final sanding and polishing.


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